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Mnozil Brass

Simplement INCREïBLE el que fan aquest grup d’austríacs. No hi ha paraules, magnífic! i a més són molt divertits 🙂 M’encantaria veure’ls en concert.

I jo com no torno a copiar text de wikipedia ^_^” (no, no hi havia versió en espanyol o català)

“Mnozil Brass is an Austrian brass ensemble septet, founded 1992.
All ( founding ) members have been graduates of the renowned Vienna College of Music, who met while playing at the Mnozil pub in Vienna’s 1st inner city district.
Music is presented in a typical Austrian humor style, which can be ( approximately ) characterized as jet black and here and there absurd. Elements of slapstick existent next to virtuosic brass playing. Notably Austrian and German Schlager songs of the 20. century are often caricatured, former member Sebastian Fuchsberger was a great talent in imitating e.g. Johannes Heesters and Udo Jürgens. Mnozil Brass is able to convince audience that playing music is not only a serious business. The septet cooperates with freelance director Bernd Jeschek who developed the stage programs “Smoke“, “Ragazzi“ and “Seven“ and the “first operetta of the 21st century” titled The Trojan Boat ( German: Das Trojanische Boot ), world premier was 2005 during the German Art Festival RuhrTriennale.
The group became more and more popular during the last few years and now tours regularly around the world. “

I per a que vegueu que no m’invento res, us deixo la versió que van fer del Bohemian Rapsody de Queen.

Si voleu més informació i/o videos, fotos, etc, aquí deixo un link a la web: MNOZIL BRASS

Gràcies papa per descobrir-los n_n <– sempre és una gran font d’informació.

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